#WomensMarchUG: It is for these murdered women that hundreds marched in Kampala

On Saturday 30 June, hundreds took to the streets in Kampala to draw attention to, and demand accountability for dozens of women kidnapped and murdered. Here is a list of some of the victims

3 July 2018 // Eliza Ayangwe

Brinah Nalule, 17, attended YMCA Comprehensive Institute Buwambo, in Uganda’s Central Region. On the evening of 6 May, 2016, she was kidnapped, her kidnappers demanding 10m Ugandan Shillings (approximately US$2500) in ransom. When her parents failed to pay, Nalule was strangled.

Her death, along with 41 others, were compiled into a list at the request of the Women’s Protest Working Group, and on Saturday 30 June, using the hashtag #WomensMarchUG, the group mobilised hundreds of people to take to the streets to “to decry, draw attention to and demand accountability for, the rampant kidnapping, brutalising and murder of women in the country.” The came out male and female, Ugandan and foreign, all reiterating that women’s lives matter.

“Since early 2015, at least 42 women have been found dead, their bodies dumped in and around Kampala,” according to the press release circulated by the group. “The victims appeared to have been subjected to deeply misogynistic violence including: rape, sticks driven into their genitalia and eventual murder.” Lamenting the inadequate police response, the statement claimed that an unnamed spokesperson accused the victims who were sex workers of “bringing this on themselves”.

protestor covers face with placard

“Womxn just want to be alive,” reads a placard at the 30 June march. Credit: @WomensProtestUG Twitter

The following list, compiled from multiple sources by Stephen Kafeero, [losely edited by The Nzinga Effect] is a record of the 42 women, and girls, killed since 2015. Please be aware that this post details disturbing violence against women and girls, and for some, that might be triggering.

Penina Kobusingye

The body of Kobusingye, a bio-chemistry student at Makerere University who had gone missing, was found in a bush in February 2014. It was reported she was raped and strangled. She was last seen on a date with a mysterious man.

Emily Akite

Emily Akite, a second year student of business administration at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), was found in a swamp in Nalukolongo, a Kampala suburb. The 20-year-old was killed and her alleged killer, using the victim’s phone, tried in vain to extort money from the family and even threatened to kill another member of Akite’s family.

Beatrice Mudondo

The body of Mudondo, a Bachelor of communications student of MUBS was foundalong the railway linein Kataza, Nakawa Division,on 15 May 2015. She was lying on her back, her knickers pulled down. It is suspected she was raped and later killed.

Rehema Nassali

On 29 April 2015, police recovered the body of 14-year-old Rehema Nassali which had been dumped on Yusuf Lule Road in Kampala, where she used to sell bananas after school. The pupil at Buganda Road Primary school had been raped before she was killed by unknown assailants. 

Desire Mirembe

In July 2015, the body of Desire Mirembe was found lying in a sugarcane plantation by children in Kibubu village, Lugazi. She had been raped and had her throat slit. Mirembe was in her first year at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in speech and language therapy. Mathew Kirabo, a fourth year medical student, was charged with her rape and murder. 

Unidentified victim

On 3 May 2017, a body of a female adult was found at Nansana west zone with signs of manual strangulation. The body remains unclaimed to date.

Nampijja Juliet, alias Jalia Nantabazi 

On 28 May 2017, her body was found behind Kenjoy Supermarket in Nansana West I. The body bore signs of manual strangulation.

Unidentified victim

On 28 May 2017, a body of unidentified female adult was found at Nansana East 1 zone with signs of manual strangulation. This body has remained unclaimed to date.

Nansubuga Patricia, alias Proscovia and another unidentified female

On 31 May 2017, the bodies of two female adults, one identified as that of Nansubuga Patricia, who went by the name Proscovia, and another, as of yet unidentified, were found near Kenjoy Supermarket in Nansana West I. Both bodies bore signs of strangulation. 

Allen Ampumuza

Ampumuza, 17, was a resident of Kitende Zone A, in Kajjansi Town Council and her body was found in May 2017. Preliminary investigations revealed she had been gang raped and murdered before her body was dumped in a sweet potato garden. Kajjansi police together with the area chairperson, Yusuf Kaddu, took Ampumuza’s body to Mulago City Mortuary for postmortem and she was buried in Kabale.

LGBTI advocate holds a mic and addresses camera

Queer rights advocate, Kasha Jacqueline, speaks at the women’s march. Credit: @WomensProtestUG Twitter

Birungi Maria

Birungi’s body was recovered on 5 July 2017 at Nansana East II zone with signs of strangulation according to a government report to Parliament.

Josephine Nakazibwe

Nakazibwe’s body was found on 11 July 2017, in her rented room at Ochieng Zone in Nansana Municipality. The body exhibited signs of strangulation according to a government report.

Unidentified victim

On 16 July 2017, a body of unidentified female adult was found in a trench at Nansana East Zone, Bujagali. The body also had signs of manual strangulation.

Teddy Nakacwa

On 17 July 2017, the body of the 30 year-old was found in her rented room in Nansana West II zone. She seemed to have been strangled and police said she had been killed in a similar fashion to four other women earlier in May. They suspected the perpetrators of the crime could have trailed Nakacwa from a bar where she had spent much of the night.

Kyandali Juliet

The body of Kyandali, a businesswoman, was found in her home located in Ganda Nansana on 25 July 2017. [No other details are available.]

Gorret Nansubuga

The 19 year-old was married to a soldier and two months pregnant when her body was found dumped in a banana garden, just 10 metres from her home in Nkumba, Wakiso district on 7 June 2017. She was discovered lying on the back with her legs spread open and a stick inserted into her vagina. Nansubuga sold chips by the roadside outside Nkumba University.

Faith Komugisha, alias Jamilah

The 31 year-old’s naked body was found dumped in a garden behind her house near the former Ssese Gateway Beach in Kitinda Village on 19 June [year unspecified]. Her face was bruised and the white T-shirt she was wearing had been pulled back over her head to expose her breasts. Her white bra and underwear had been removed and put aside. A long stick; the size of a fluorescent tube bulb, was inserted into her vagina and her legs covered in caked blood.

Dona Zakanya, alias Aisha Kasowole

Zakanya’s bruised naked body was dumped in a small plantation near Nkumba University’s Pan Africa Hostel on July 13, 2017. The 27 year-old was a known sex worker and was allegedly killed by one of her clients. Police made arrests.

Norah Wanyana

Wanyana was an 18 year-old student at Airforce Secondary School in Entebbe Municipality. She left home in Katabi Town Council to buy food but did not return. Her naked body was found in a banana plantation near her home in Nkumba Central, in Wakiso District on 20 July 2017. A stick had been was inserted in her vagina and she had been raped before being murdered, police later confirmed.

Rose Nakimuli

Nakimuli’s body was found in a cassava and banana garden near her home in Kawafu village on 24 July 2017. The 27 year old had been made to lie face down in a crouched posture with her hands on her back. A stick had been inserted in her vagina. She was wearing a dark brown top that was pulled up to expose her breasts but she was otherwise naked. Detectives suspect she was raped before being killed.

Sarah Nakajjo Nakintu 

The mother of five had been reported missing when her mutilated body was discovered on 11 August 2017 after a search in Nkumba. The 27 year-old’s eyes had been removed, a hole cut under her left breast with twigs inserted in her mouth and private parts. Two people, her husband Godfrey Mayanja and John Bwanika, a local herbalist, were arrested. [It is unknown whether these two have been charged with the death of Nakintu.]

Two women hold posters at protest

An inter-generational protest. Women from across Ugandan society joined the protest. Credit: @WomensProtestUG Twitter

Aisha Nakasinde

Nakasinde’s body was discovered naked in a bush a few metres away from Kasenyi Barracks in Nkumba-Kavundira on 17 August 2017. The resident of the nearby Bugabo-Bukaya zone in Nalugala, Katabi Town Council, was a known cassava vendor and would use shortcuts to go to Kasenyi Landing Site where she bought her merchandise. It is believed, her killer(s) took advantage of this to kill of the 25 year-old mother of three. Her children were six, three and seven months old.

Jenifer Namwanje

Namwanje’s body was recovered from St Francis Zone on 17 August 2017. Police suspect the woman, who was in her 20s, was raped before being killed. Her body was taken to the city mortuary pending a postmortem. Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said a police dog led investigators to the home of Jonathan Mazuku and Justine Mpamurungi, who were arrested in connection to the young woman’s murder.

Hellen Ayebazibwe

Ayebazibwe, a video vixen, was attacked at her home in Makindye, Kampala on 22 June 2017. Her killers are reported to have raped her before stabbing her several times. She was rushed to Nsambya hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Nakajjo Sarah

On 11 August 2017, a body of a female adult, identified as that of Nakajjo Sarah, was found behind Faith International Nursery and Primary School along Kasenyi road. She had a stick inserted in her vagina and her left breast and other body parts were missing.  

Unidentified victim

12 August 2017, a body of an unidentified woman, aged between 20 and 25 years ,was found dumped on Bulayi road, in Masaka District. According to Southern regional police spokesperson, Mr Lameck Kigozi, the deceased was raped before being killed.

Regina Zawedde

The body of Zawedde, 60, was recovered by the police in Bulaga Mityana on 15 August 2017. Her killers are believed to have fled on a boda boda [a motorcycle or bicycle taxi].

Namuwonge Jennifer
Her body was retrieved on 16 August 2017 in Bwaise, Kawempe.

Nalule Jalia

Jalia’s body was found on 28 August 2017 from Nkumba Central in Kayilila forest reserve. She had been strangled and a stick inserted in her private parts.

Nabilanda Mary, alias Maria

Nabilanda’s body was found on 4 September 2017 at Nyanama Trading Centre in Bunamwaya, near a washing bay. There were signs of strangulation.

Susan Magara

Magara’s mutilated body was found dumped between Kigo and Kajjansi, off the Entebbe Express Highway on 27 February 2018. The 28 year-old had been missing for at least 20 days. Her family reportedly paid a hefty ransom to her captors but they still killed her. Her father, John Fitzgerlad Magara, was called and asked to pick up a message wrapped in a polythene bag, which also included two of his daughter’s fingers and a video the kidnappers described as a ‘must see’.

Her gruesome murder garnered public and media attention and caused some national debate on the killings in the country. Kidnappings and killings like Magara’s have, however, escalated since the young woman’s burial at her ancestral home in Nyakafunjo Village, Hoima district.

Charity Kyohirwe

Kyohirwe, 32, was a regular at her local church where she spent some nights after work at the restaurant she ran in Masajja, off Entebbe road. But she did not make it to church on the evening of 23 March 2018, instead her mother, Grace Muhwezi, got a call demanding a ransom of Shs 5m for her daughter’s release.

The body of the Kampala resident was found the following day by residents, exhibiting signs of strangulation and sexual abuse. Her captors allegedly used her mobile phone to call her relatives, reducing their ask to Shs3m after pleas from the family. They warned her relatives that if they informed the police, Kyohirwe would be killed.

Alerted by the family Katwe Police Station started tracking the suspects.  The kidnappers killed her and dumped the body in a banana plantation in Mutundwe, a city suburb. Kyohirwe was laid to rest on 25 March 2018. She is survived by her two children, aged seven and three.

Lowena Murungi

Murungi was the first born of her parents Marion Musimenta and Andrew Muhumuza, a police officer attached to Very Important Persons Protection Unit (VIPPU) in Nsambya. The two year-old was taken on 12 April 2018 at Kinoni Trading centreHer kidnappers demanded Shs 5m from her parents for her safe return.

Her tiny lifeless body was found in a swamp.  Police would arrest suspects who led the officers where the body had been dumped. 

Jackline Masibo

Masibo, a trader in Busia Town, was kidnapped on her way to a hospital in the neighbouring Tororo district on 16 April 2018. Kidnappers trailed her for a while before making their  move.  Local fishermen in Namungura Village found her body in River Malaba, where it is believed she was dumped after being killing. The body of the mother of four was taken to Busia Health Center IV for postmortem.

Brinah Nalule

Nalule planned to return to school, YMCA Buwambo, to resume her studies after a weekend away. She however, did not make it. The 17 year old was kidnapped at Old Taxi Park at around 7pm on 6 May 2018, as she headed to board a taxi back to her hostel. The kidnappers demanded a Shs 10m ransom but her parents could not raise the money. 

Rose Nakisekka

Nakisekka, 17, a resident of Kigo Villa-Maria in Kalungu District was kidnapped on 10 May 2018. Her body was found in on 21 May 21, after police had been led to the body by one of the alleged kidnappers led investigators.

The deceased’s father, Mr Fred Kasaga, said the kidnappers demanded Shs 10m but reduced their ask to Shs 5m and finally to Shs 1m. After the money was sent, however, the kidnappers called him to say they had changed their mind and killed Nakisekka. They demanded another Shs500,000 to buying plastic bags in which to put the woman’s body.

Her body was recovered in Kibaawo Zone in Mutundwe. It had been mutilated with her tongue and private parts cut out. Preliminary police reports indicated a suspect had been captured on CCTV standing at Old Taxi Park as he negotiated the ransom with Nalule’s parents. 

Dorcus Nakiwunga and Israel Namalego

The two, two and four years old respectively, were kidnapped from their parents’ home in Naluvule, Wakiso district on 18 May 2018. Their bodies were found by a cattle keeper lying in a thicket. Their tongues and other organs had been cut out and taken.